Family Portraits

This phase of your life is more important and yet more fleeting than you realize. Loved ones change, and memories fade. Now is the time for family portraits.

And don't worry, darling, you look amazing!



— the whole family

“Together is a wonderful place to be”

The kids are changing faster than the weather in North Idaho. Don't wait another minute! Get in on our seasonal minis while they last.


Everyone is together again. How long has it been? Yes, you really should make the most of this very special occasion!

Family reunions

Celebrate your family legacy with a mix of traditional portraits and fun moments to display as custom artwork in your home.

Family Sessions

Our Offerings

Whatever brings you here, I sure am glad to cross paths and have a moment to celebrate something truly important with you.

I have been capturing the major family milestones since 2005, and while the cycle of love and life give me the variety I need, the joy I get from working with people remains a constant.

Three things I love:
Combining naturally beautiful scenery with a clean and classic portrait.
Anticipating the next moment and staying on my toes.
Getting to know my clients and how I can serve, serve, serve.

You are with the ones you love. You are in the most beautiful place in the country. And your entire portrait experience is in good hands. 

You + The most beautiful place


"I give my highest recommendation to Amy. Once you work with her, you will use her for all of your photography needs."

Connor & Anna


"Amy is INCREDIBLE!!!! She did our family photos and they came out great. She got ALL THREE of my crazy boys captured in pictures I'll treasure for a lifetime."


You have the best darn looking smiles on the block. You might even have a favorite spot and something special in mind that gives you all the feels. I've got all the gear, and I know how to work it (seriously). We make a great pair.

In ten years, you look up at the wall and these images trigger your brain to release oxytocin and top off your cup. It's true! So if you think about it, great family portraits leads to a happier life. 

And that is what I want for you.

Let's create happiness
and hang it on the wall.

Family Sessions

Seasonal Minis

These delightfully short family sessions are scheduled back-to-back in a hotspot location to keep it easy for the little ones and enjoyable for the grown-ups. Or is it the other way around? Yep. We'll keep it light.

Whether you need "just a few" pics, or you need pics more often, this is the simplest way to satisfy your need for family photos and add to the gallery wall.

Dates and Locations TBD,
But you are crushing it with the picture perfect family!

You're in charge of finding a local photographer to squeeze in an hour between jet skiing and dinner reservations on the only day the whole group is together. The vacation house has stellar views, oh, and the forecast is calling for the perfect sunset.  

I got this!

bring on the fun and
the annual photo at the lake!

Family Reunions

Let's Check the Calendar